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Some moments make such a big impression on us that we remember them for years. Every time we think of them, all the wonderful emotions come rushing back and we can’t help but smile. Maybe it was a gift you received as child. The pride you felt when a teacher praised you. Or the excitement you felt the first time your new baby smiled back at you.

Did you know that this same principle can help you make your business more successful? The best entrepreneurs in the world understand the power of creating lasting memories for their customers. They go out of their way to think of creative things they can do to make their customers smile and say, “Wow, that was amazing!”. 

Are you doing this in your business? If not, read on for some inspiration from one business that is going out of its way to make customers feel appreciated – and learn how it’s making their business far more successful as a result.

A Simple Little Hotel

The city of Hollywood in the US is famous for glamorous movie stars and luxury shopping. So you might be surprised to learn that one of the highest rated hotels in the city is not an expensive luxury resort. It’s a simple little place called the Magic Castle Hotel.

This hotel was converted from an old run-down apartment complex in the 1950s. The new owners painted it bright yellow, put a few lawn chairs in front of the pool, and re-opened it as a hotel. Compared to many of the hotels in Hollywood, it was actually kind of ugly, to be honest.

“Why is this hotel so highly rated? It’s old and not very fancy. What is its secret?”

Yet somehow, this simple little hotel in an old building has gained thousands of online reviews from delighted customers. The reviews are so glowing, the Magic Castle now ranks as the 3rd highest rated hotel in the entire city in online reviews, ahead of many hotels that are much fancier and more expensive. How can this be? 

The Ice Lolly Telephone

The business plan responsible for the Magic Castle’s surprising success comes from owners who work hard to create an amazing experience for customers filled with little “moments of delight”. They are constantly looking for little ways to surprise guests with unexpected experiences that make them smile. 

The first thing guests see when they arrive, for example, is a 24-hour snack counter filled with yummy treats that are free for customers. If guests are celebrating a birthday, they will find a surprise gift and personal note waiting in their room when they arrive. Finally, and most importantly, they have something amazing they call a “Popsicle Hotline”.

A “popsicle” is the American term for an ice lolly. It’s a sweet frozen treat that brings back happy memories of childhood for many people. And the Magic Castle has come up with a truly wonderful way of using this treat to surprise and delight guests. 

Near the hotel pool is a sign for the Popsicle Hotline. Next to the sign is a bright red old-style telephone mounted on the wall. Every day after 2:30 pm, a guest can pick up the phone, and a staff member will answer and say “Hello, this is the Popsicle Hotline, what flavor would you like?” 

After a guest orders her favorite flavor, a staff member wearing fancy white gloves comes out to them holding a silver tray. On the tray is their free ice lolly. Even the most serious traveler has to smile when they see a hotel employee running out with a fancy tray carrying a free ice lolly. It’s funny, unexpected, and delightful.

Great Customer Experience Isn’t Expensive

The most amazing part is that creating moments of delight like this are not expensive. The hotel owners understood that the expense of connecting an old telephone and buying some ice lollies was very small compared to the amount of business they would receive from happy customers who tell their friends about the hotel. It’s not luxurious or extravagant in any way – but it’s unexpectedly fun and creates an experience customers will remember forever. 

Make Them Talk

One of the reasons the Magic Castle Hotel is so successful is that people who experience it can’t stop talking about it to their friends. The experience is so surprising and delightful, they tell everyone they know. When people talk about your business, that’s the best kind of free advertising you can get.  

What Can You Do Today?

If you run a business, think about what you could do to create moments of delight and unexpected joy for your customers. 

Maybe it’s something fun and creative like the Popsicle Hotline. Perhaps it’s a personal touch you add to their orders, or amazing customer service that is so good they talk about it with all their friends. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be memorable and make customers smile and feel appreciated in an unexpected way.

What are the best examples of amazing and memorable experiences you’ve seen from entrepreneurs in your neighborhood? Who inspires you?



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